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Rossini Cucine’s flagship Pisaurum combines elegant style and pragmatism within the kitchen space. Pisaurum features laminate wall and base cabinet doors that come with abs edge band on all sides or with an aluminum edge band for glossy and high tech shades.

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Rossini Cucine introduces the low profile new porcelain-stoneware finish for countertops. Porcelain-stoneware is a material that has earned the attention and praises of many experts and admirers for living, vanity and kitchen applications. A good choice both for urban/industrial or traditional designs due to its numerous application, stoneware is a material resistant to high temperature, scratched and corrosive agents.

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Ariminum is modern and sophisticated kitchen featuring lacquered components that lights up the entire dining room. A wide range of lacquered colors and finishes (matt, gloss and many special metallic finishes) allow the client to customize and find his personal style for the kitchen.

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Forum is a modern, bright and stylish kitchen, easy to spot for its gloss or matt lacquered components that may also feature handleless doors structure creating smooth and refined environments. Forum also features quartz countertops, the ultimate solution for those who crave for marble countertops but do not have much time to properly take care of it.

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Gallica features modern materials and shiny decorations for a contemporary and beautiful kitchen. Gallica opens new horizons of kitchen functionality and customization, a place that makes your life easier and where life styles are let loose. Melamine doors with handleless doors create a modern and healthy environment, free of any harmful emissions, to welcome your friends and eat in total relaxation.

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Designed for those looking for raw wood sensations. Urbinum features wood veneered doors that recall real handmade wood doors but at a much lower price.

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