Who we are

The research of harmony has always been the driving force which pervade the territory of the Marche region and Rossini Cucine endeavours to tie all its elements into harmonious compositions, thus holding the made in Italy banner high. all the offered cabinetry is unique­ly made with raw materials and semi-finished products of Italian origin. at the heart of the com­pany’s philosophy there is an almost maniacal attention for every detail and all products are eco-friendly. Our on going, meticulous research and devel­opment of new products and processes lead to a results of excellence in furniture sector. modern and fine materials al­low for the creation of modern kitchens of great aesthetic and functional effects.

A perfect balance of elegance and functionality

Rossini Cucine designers react quickly to costumers tastes and have the ability to find the right product for the right customer. We offer a wide range of kitchens as well as kitchen components made exclusively with raw and semi-finished material of Italian origin. By choosing sustainable materials, Rossini Cucine is on the front line to safe guard our environment.

The furniture business holds no secrects for us

Detail-oriented driven and non-stop struggle for perfection.
Elegant on the outside and reliable on the inside: let yourself fall in love with Italian design.
Harmonious shapes and cutting edge finishes for elegant and charming creation.
Refined materials and unique doors create unprecedented environments.